23rd April, 2024
The DeVere Grand Connaught Rooms,
London – WC2B 5DA


Room A

Digital Transformation in Action

This discussion delves into how different industries are using advanced technologies to improve their day-to-day operations. Learn from examples and stories about how businesses are using things like smart tools, data analysis, and other tech innovations to make things run smoother. See how these changes affect everyday life, from banking to healthcare, and understand why it's so important for businesses to keep up with the times by embracing new tech trends.

Room B

Expediting Your Digital Transformation Journey through Innovation

This exploration delves into the powerful impact of creative strategies in fast-tracking the digital evolution. Uncover how embracing innovation can propel organizations forward, ensuring they remain competitive and adaptable in today's ever-changing digital terrain. Discover practical insights into how forward-thinking approaches, from novel technologies to inventive business models, play a pivotal role in shaping a swift and effective digital transformation. Gain a deeper understanding of why innovation is the catalyst for organizational agility in the dynamic and competitive digital landscape.

Room C

AI and ML in Digital Transformation

Discover how AI and ML boost Digital Transformation! These smart technologies, like helpful digital assistants and clever problem-solving machines, play a big role in making businesses work better. From predicting trends to automating tasks, AI and ML are like the superheroes of the digital world. Explore how they're changing the game, making everything smoother and more efficient. It's like having a super-smart sidekick for your business, helping it evolve and stay ahead in the fast-paced digital race.

Room D

Empowering Your Digital Ecosystem

This exploration goes beyond the basics, providing essential insights into the building blocks of a robust digital framework. From fundamental technological structures to advanced innovations, discover the key elements that empower organizations in the digital realm. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how these infrastructures not only support daily operations but also pave the way for future growth and adaptability. Explore the dynamic landscape where technology meets strategy, fostering a resilient and empowered digital ecosystem for sustained success.

Room E

The Crucial Role of IT Infrastructure and Operations in Digital Transformation

Delve into the pivotal backbone that IT infrastructure and operations provide, orchestrating a symphony of technological advancements and innovations essential for organizational thriving in the digital age. Uncover the intricate web of interconnected systems, from robust hardware to dynamic operational strategies, meticulously designed to propel businesses into a future marked by adaptability and success. Join us to dissect, discuss, and define the transformative force that is reshaping the very essence of contemporary organisations.

Room F

Customer Experience Transformation

Explore how digital technology becomes the hero, breathing new life into customer interactions. Picture a world where every click, tap, or swipe brings delight. Digital technology is the magic wand, reshaping the way businesses connect with customers. From user-friendly apps to personalized recommendations, it's the key to a renewed and exceptional customer experience. Dive into the digital revolution, where technology transforms not just transactions but every touchpoint, making customers not just clients but advocates of your brand.

Room G

Pragmatic Approach

Discover the power of a Pragmatic Approach — the secret sauce for triumphant Digital Transformation. Imagine it as the practical guide, making the complex simple and turning visions into reality. It's the cornerstone, the solid foundation ensuring success in the digital realm. This approach is about smart, realistic steps that lead to big changes. Think of it like building a sturdy bridge—one step at a time, creating a path to a successful digital transformation. It's not just about the destination; it's the journey, and a pragmatic approach is your trusted guide on this transformative adventure

Room H


Digitalisation emerges as a pivotal element in securing a sustainable future. It represents a transformative force, introducing efficiencies and innovations essential for long-term environmental and economic viability. Going beyond basic digitization, it entails the strategic incorporation of advanced technologies across sectors, providing solutions for sustainable energy, resource optimization, and environmentally conscious practices. Embracing digitalization is not merely an adoption of technological advances; it signifies a dedication to a future where intelligent technology applications play a central role in promoting sustainability. This commitment establishes a harmonious balance between innovation and environmental responsibility.

Room I

Exploring emerging technologies and their impact on intelligent automation

Let's dive into how new cool technologies are changing how things work! We'll check out the latest gadgets and computer smarts and see how they're making automation even smarter. Imagine robots and computers teaming up to do tasks better and faster. We'll explore how these new ideas, like super smart computers and fancy robots, are shaking things up and making work easier. It's like upgrading to a supercharged version of automation, where everything gets done in a snap thanks to these awesome new tech tricks!

Room J

Advancements and future trends in intelligent automation

This discussion centres on the recent advancements and future trends in intelligent automation, shedding light on potential breakthroughs, challenges, and opportunities for businesses. It underscores the significance of automation as a catalyst for continued growth and innovation. By navigating through the evolving landscape of smart automation, businesses can anticipate and overcome challenges while leveraging emerging breakthroughs. The focus is on a strategic understanding of the potential implications of intelligent automation, providing insights for organizations to harness its capabilities effectively and sustainably for ongoing progress and competitiveness in the evolving business environment.